Casa de la Musica in Miramar

It’s the place to be for salsa. Located inside a house at  Ave. 20 No. 3308 esq. a 35 in Miramar, Havana, it’s one of the trendiest night clubs. Also, it’s very touristy place.

Don’t be scared by the huge queue outside, those are for Cubans only, you as a tourist get to walk right in for around 15 CUC admission price. Inside there are very few Cuban man and hundreds of Cuban girls. No wonder, the girls get in for free as 15 CUC is pretty steep. Also, they keep drinking the same 1 CUC bottle of water for the whole night. If you’re a tourist, you’re in luck, as all the girls will hit on you. This can be an overwhelming experience, especially for someone who is not used to it. If you want to meet girls fast, this is the place for you, you literally have hundreds of choices. But be careful, some only want your money, some want you to take them out of Cuba and so on. I bet if your patient enough you’ll be able to find some nice girls tough.

casa de la musica

This is an upscale place, which means they charge 4 CUC for the worst Mojito in Cuba. Also, you can have the bottle service, which the girls will surely appreciate. As if said it’s an upscale place so for 45 CUC you can get a 7 year old Havana club,  2L of Ciego Montero Tukola and enough plastic cups (!) to share a drink with the whole club.

For the entrance fee, you’ll usually get a show which will feels as it was put in place only for you. An interesting sensation. The show starts at about 11:30PM and it’s about half hour long, then the salsa party starts. There’s also a terrace outside but it’s closed when the show opens. There’s no smoking inside so you’ll have to go to the porch of the house to light one up.


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