Toilets in Cuba

Let’s start by agreeing Cuban people don’t like to flush. It’s a mystery why, maybe they like to preserve water. This is a fact in 100% of no. 1. cases and 50% of no.2 . You know that I mean.

Going to bathrooms in Cuba is an experience all of it’s own. Depending on where you end up there some or many items missing. These can include but are not limited to: toilets with no toilet seats, no soap, no running water, no toilet paper, no privacy whatsoever.

toilets in cuba

When there is soap, there’s never liquid soap, there’s only a bar of soap. Cubans like to share things, and actually it’s better that you wash your hand with it as opposed to not washing at all. Make sure you are thorough to get through the outer layer of the soap and get to the good good bit inside. Sometimes you might find some sort of a chlorinated solution to help you wash. If you’re smart you’ll pack some hand sanitizer with you.

The toilet paper situation is a bit more tricky. There’s none inside the stall booth, and even if you’ll find some, you’ll find in outside, near the washing basin. Of course you can’t know how much toilet paper you’ll need beforehand so take a lot with you just to be sure, it’s not like you can exit to replenish the supply during action. Also, Cuban toilet paper is low quality so depending on the location where you’ll be at you might want to bring some form home.

Outside most bathrooms, there sits the cleaning lady which will expect a tip, 0.20 CUC will suffice. In a lot of instances she keeps the toilet paper and soap captive and only gives them to you after the tipping occurs.


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