The coffee situation in Cuba

Cubans as with most things, believe they have ”the best coffee in the world”. They do not. I am an avid coffee drinker and tasted most of Cuba’s coffee offerings from hotel breakfast coffee to home-made coffee to Coffee Museum coffee. The last one got really close to being actually drinkable.

In most restaurants you can only get European style espresso coffee with milk – cafe con leche – but Cubans serve more varieties.

cuban coffee

Cafecito is a type of coffee typically served in a thick rimmed ceramic demitasse cup. Cafecito is usually taken in several sips, mostly at the counter of a ventanita, rarely at the table of a Cuban restaurant.

Coladas are several shots of cafecito in a big cup. They are meant for sharing as Cubans often bring them to their work place or so the legend goes.

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