Smoking Cigarettes in Cuba

First, if you light up in Cuba be prepared for a number of Cubans to ask you for a cigarette. Second, nobody in Cuba ever has a light, so don’t leave home without one, and get ready to be pestered  every two  minutes by someone asking you for a one. Third, this does not go the other way around, if you ask them for a light or cigarette they won’t expect it to say the least :)

Cohiba Cigarettes

Cohiba Cigarettes

You can usually smoke all you want inside bars, hotels and restaurants, but be aware that some Clubs in Havana such as Casa de Musica and La Gruta have an enforced no smoking policy, so smokers are confined to a small unventilated room, or outside.

If you walk into any shop, there’s a 90% chance they’ll sell cigarettes. Their best brand is the Cohiba at 1.80 CUC a pack for the Cohiba Original and 1.50 CUC for the lower quality Cohiba ones. The most expensive brand is Lucy Strike, but there’s no reason whatsoever to smoke those as you can find them at home. Cuban go for the cheaper brands like Hollywood, H. Upmann or Popular at around 0.60 a pack which are still top class compared to other countries cigarettes mainly due to the fact Cuba has the best tobacco in the world so even a bad tobacco product in Cuba will still be miles ahead of anywhere else.

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