The Malecón – Havana’s greatest Promenade

This is Havana’s most famous promenade. Build from 1901 up until 1923, it stretches from the Havana Harbor in Old Havana, along the Centro Havana and ends up in the Vedado district. On windy days, you might get a splash or two from the ocean waves bouncing off the shore line. It’s pretty safe to walk at all hours as is most of Cuba, and it’s lit up properly. Don’t be afraid to walk it’s entire length.

malecon havana cuba (3)

Along the Malecón you can see the whole of Cuba. There are old restored buildings, old dilapidated buildings, new apartment buildings and businesses such as restaurants and casas particulares, old fashioned or communist hotels, government buildings and everything in between.  Nowadays, it’s worth mentioning, that substantial renovation work is under way by the government, some old buildings are being torn down, some are brought back to their former colonial glory.

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Not only the buildings make the Malecón, but mostly the people. You can find people from all walks of life relaxing especially at night on it. Some are out with their significant other, some are just drinking with friends, some are fishing, singings or selling merchandise. By the way, there are a lot of ladies selling plastic roses in a plastic wrapper and teddy bears for your loved one. Be aware that they will jack up the prices if you’re a tourist, so a teddy bear will set you back 10 CUC. It’s hard to refuse them and not look cheap in front of your girlfriend.

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