Departures from Cuba by Airport

First off, this is Cuba, so checking-in on the Internet and printing the bar code page as you do in your home country is useless, I tried it myself and only ended up paying 8$ (1h of Internet) for a worthless piece of paper. You’ll need to check in at the airport. Don’t worry, it’s free. Also, you’ll get that old school boarding passes you almost never see nowadays.

Havana Cuba Jose Marti International Airport Departures

Jose Marti International Airport – Departures Terminal

They will weigh your bags, if they are over 23 Kilograms you’ll need to pay for a new bag. That’s 100CUC. Make sure you don’t overstock them. Mine was 23.7 Kilograms and they didn’t say anything, maybe I was lucky, who knows… ?

Second, YOU’LL NEED TO PAY A  25 CUC EXIT FEE. Make sure you keep some cash for this, they don’t accept credit cards. Also, make sure you have exact change as you won’t find any exchange offices after you clear the security check so if you have any CUC’s left you’ll need to spend your money in the duty free shops.

The process usually goes like this:

  1. go to the airline counter to check in and drop you bags
  2. go to the special counter to pay the fee, they’ll put a sticker on your boarding pass
  3. go through airport security.

After you clear the security check, you’ll be in the main terminal with some duty free shops. If you forgot to buy o souvenir this can be a good time, prices are about the same as in the rest of Cuba and you can pay by credit card (!). Keep in mind you have to have your plane ticket with you at the counter and valid  ID when you pay by credit card, but since you’re at the duty free shop you probably do. They also accept foreign currency, so as long as you have some form of with you money you’re fine :)

There’s a smoking lounge inside the terminal. Don’t use it. AC does not work and there’s more smoke than you’ve seen your entire life, you’ll just get sick. You can wait a few hours, trust me.

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