Cuban Drinks

Welcome to the state monopoly Ciego Montero, a kind of a Coca-Cola Company.  They make the local Cola called TuKola. It’s not bad, but it’s not that good either. You should definitely avoid at all costs the Ciego Montero Juice – be it Orange or something else. It tastes like Fanta kept in the sun for two weeks then diluted with stale water, also 0% fruit content. It costs about 1 CUC at stores, 2 CUC at restaurants.


Tap Water. Cubans say their water is heavy so they boil it and sometimes chlorinate it. Then they keep it cold in their fridge. Most Cubans will have some readily drinkable water at hand but you shouldn’t drink the tap water directly. You can bathe and brush your teeth with it, but don’t drink it.

Mineral Water – stick to Ciego Montero water – at restaurants they serve it in 0.5L plastic bottles with a blue label. Keep in mind the sparkling one is smaller, around 0.33ml but the price stays the same, you can recognize it by the bottle that has a greenish tint. 1 CUC in restaurants for the 0.5L and 0.75 CUC in state-run stores for the 2L bottle.


Beer  – there are a couple different local brands but the most appreciated are: Crystal – “The Preferred Beer of Cuba” ( a lighter blonde beer) and Bucanero which is darker. They both cost about 1CUC at stores, 2 CUC at restaurants. You can also get Heineken beer, but why would you?

cristal beer

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Also, the waiters have the strange, at least to me, habit of pouring just a finger’s width of your beverage in the glass for you, maybe so it doesn’t get hot? I don’t know.

bucanero beer

Kermato, Marinero  – tomato juice with clams – which the locals mix with beer. Both are very good, you shouldn’t leave Cuba without having a taste. Same deal as before: 1 CUC at stores, 2 CUC at restaurants.

kermato cuba

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