Cocktails in Cuba

Cuba claims the invention of some of the world most popular cocktails. Regularly they cost around 2-3 CUC depending in the location and plainly speaking are at most average in taste. One think they don’t skip out in Cuba, as oppose to other countries is the alcohol content, especially when it come to rum. Expect well over half your drink to be rum because it’s dirt cheap. Rum in Cuba is mostly Havana Club, just don’t ask for Bacardi it’s a no-no. Their assets were confiscated (nationalized) by The Revolution and they now operate out of Hamilton, Bermuda. Still they are in a legal battle over the Havana Club brand, which they claim they purchased from it’s legal owners (not the Cuban state).

hemingway cocktails

Daiquiri – said to be invented at the Foridita Bar in Old Havana where Hemingway used to hang out. They sell it there for 6 CUC, an overly inflated price but you can take a photo of you and the statue of Hemingway both enjoying a daiquiri at the bar.

La Bodeguita del Medio

La Bodeguita del Medio

Mojito – The Bodeguita del Medio  lays claim to being the original birthplace of the Mojito cocktail. They prepare in this bar since its opening in 1942, although this is disputed  along many other Cuban claims.

havana club mojito

Havana Club Mojito

Cuba Libre (run & coke) without doubt invented in Cuba, and probably invented while they still had the original Coca-Cola. Now they can only make it with their own brand of TuKola, and you can imagine how good it is.

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